Currently there are 8 daughter companies belonging to Paula


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Autodidact Institute is the teaching arm of the parent organization, providing educational services, instruction, lectures, games, events, and workshops for individuals,  groups, museums, schools, and universities.

The pedagogic philosophy of the Institute is that education is in essence exposure, that there are numerous hierarchies of knowledge each functioning in its appropriate context, and that learning is a lifelong pursuit everyone is engaged in.

Images of work generated by participants at International Cultural Lab workshop, 2015 :

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2.) E.A.R. logo small

E.A.R. {Enhanced Art Resources},is a contemporary fine art manufacturing, research, and consulting firm founded in 2014.


E.A.R. goods are offered in the form of multiples, editions, and interactive event elements.


Rarefied Air, samples of air from art museums.

Soup Sink

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Offering consumers limited edition images for lease or purchase.


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 The Landscape Preservation Society is dedicated to the preservation of the natural world in all its variety and splendor.

 Through the sale of original works of art and products with nature based imagery, the Landscape Preservation Society raises money to help protect open spaces.

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5.) sm mvsevm logo jpg

Housed in a former Church Meeting Hall, The Paula Lalala MVSEVM is an intimate, immersive, experiential art museum housing a collection of hundreds of discrete works. The MVSEVM is free and open to the public, thousands have visited since it opened in 2001.


DSC_0245 The Paula Lalala MVSEVM hosts community events.


It also houses a gallery, the Guest Room, which exhibits work by other artists.


Brand Identity (detail), Paula Lalala MVSEVM 2014

Brand Identity (detail), one image from a slide show of 13, Paula Lalala, 2014

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Artist Monographs, Books, Albums, Websites, Prints, Holograms, DNA

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Works of art, pure and simple.



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