Paula Lalala is an American interdisciplinary artist who creates synergistic complexities. Her artwork takes many forms, all of which flow from her search for meaning and community.

Born in 1966, Paula grew up in Texas as a devout Christian Fundamentalist. Throughout childhood and adolescence she experienced numerous traumatic events while simultaneously living a “typical suburban, middle-class American” lifestyle which included swimming, horseback ridding, and girl scouts. She survived life on the streets as a teenage runaway. Paula discovered art when she was seventeen years old.

“I view art as a tool of consciousness. It is a method by which the less explicit is made manifest. To varying degrees we all have some experience of trauma, violence, and suffering. I create works of art in an effort to understand, release, and transcend not only my own personal experiences, but that of my fellow human beings as well. All of my work is very intimate.” —Paula Lalala




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