Paula Lalala is an American interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the way context shapes our experience of art. Her projects oscillate between a private inward journey and outward investigations involving other artists and the wider public. Her artwork has been presented internationally in galleries, museums and public spaces since 1985.

Born in 1966, Paula grew up in Texas as a devout Christian Fundamentalist. Throughout childhood and adolescence she experienced numerous traumatic events while living a suburban, middle-class American lifestyle which included swimming, horseback ridding, and girl scouts. She survived life on the streets as a teenage runaway. Paula discovered art when she was seventeen years old and has been working passionately ever since. She has a true love and is a grandmother.

Probing the spiritual, social, and psychological realms, her artwork takes many forms. She has a studio practice which generates paintings, sculptures, and photographs. Her numerous additional projects include initiating and spearheading a collective organization, The Women Artist Team, TWAT, who work collaboratively to create multiple iterations of a monochromatic bedroom installation; the Autodidact Institute, an organization that espouses the benefits of and facilitates self-directed learning; The Landscape Preservation Society, an art based collaborative project whose primary goal is raising funds to protect open spaces through the sale of nature based artworks; and The Paula Lalala MVSEVM, a long term large scale autobiographical artwork.




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